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Korean Chess Contest
  1. Overview

    We are very happy to host the Korean Chess Contest. Queensboro day care center is a typical multi-cultural community and our members mostly consist of Korean, Chinese and Indian elderly.

    Every culture having its unique features and customs, especially, the Korean culture seems to be proud of sincere respects to seniors and honor of their opinions.

    Deeply aware of the fact that seniors' daily life is apt to be monotonous and alienated from the social majority under the high pressure of New York life, we have been trying to give momentum to the seniors through various kind of events and educational programs.

    This contest is planned to energize the Korean elderly and vitalize their human networking capabilities.
  2. Qualifications

    Open to everybody who can play Korean Chess.
  3. Prize

    1st Place:  $100 Gift Card and additional prize from Korean community
    2nd Place:   $50 Gift Card
    3rd Place:   $25 Gift Card
  4. Games

    0 Location:      Our Center (135-10 35th Ave., Flushing, NY 11354)
    0 Registration: Phone or Walk-in (T. 347-732-0907) from Apr.4 (Mon) to Apr.16 (Sat)
    0 Prel. Games: From Apr.16 (Sat) to Apr.21 (Thu) (Player choose the date)
    0 Final:           Apr. 23 (Sat)
  5. For Questions

    Jin Kim, Contest Organizer (T. 347-732-0907 Email: jykim1990@gmail.com)
  6. Sponsor List

    PC Valley Computer (T.718-762-6000)
    All-That Corp. (T.718-460-5017)
    One Ten Auto Repair (T.718-803-2870)
    Korepia Corp. (T.917-576-3444)

  7. KCC Preliminary League (4/18 Mon)

    Game-10: (Lee, Donna) vs. (Joh, Young Koo) => Joh, Young Koo
  8. KCC Preliminary League (4/19 Tue)

    Game-15: (Yang, Young Jong) vs. (Kim, Young Deuk) => Yang, Young Jong
    Game-16: (Koo, Steve) vs. (Jung, Ki Duk) => Jung, Ki Duk
    Game-17: (Yom, Myung Hak) vs. (Park, Woo Duk) => Park, Woo Duk
    Game-18: (Cho, Young Sun) vs. (Kim, Jin Sun) => Kim, Jin Sun
    Game-19: (Han, Jung Koo) vs. (Song) => Song
    Game-20: (Lee, Dong Keum) vs. (Peak, Dong Kun) => Peak, Dong Kun
    Game-21: (Noh, Myung Seop) vs. (Kwon, Jung Nam) => Noh, Myung Seop
    Game-50: (Winner of Game-16) vs. (Winner of Game-17) => Jung, Ki Duk
    Game-51: (Winner of Game-18) vs. (Winner of Game-19) => Kim, Jin Sun
    Game-52: (Winner of Game-15) vs. (Winner of Game-21) => Yang, Young Jong
  9. KCC Preliminary League (4/21 Thur)

    Game-53: (Winner of Game-10) vs. (Winner of Game-20) => Joh, Young Koo
  10. KCC Final League (4/23 Sat)

    [Semi-final and Final (3-Game Match)]

    Mr. Jin Sun Kim and Mr. Young Jong Yang passed the semifinal and came head to head in the final. The game was very close, but in the end, Mr. Jin Sun Kim won.

    [Match for third place (Single-round Match)]

    Mr. Ki Duk Jung won over Mr. Young Koo Joh to win the third place.
  11. KCC Final Score

    1st Place: Kim, Jin Sun ($200 Gift Certificate)
    2nd Place: Yang, Young Jong ($50 Gift Certificate)
    3rd Place: Jung, Ki Duk ($25 Gift Certificate)
  12. Photos

    Preliminary League (4/18 Mon - 4/21 Thu)
    Final League (4/23 Sat)
  13. Press Report

    HeyKorean News
    Radio Korea
    Korean News Network
    TKC Report - 1
    TKC Report - 2
    TKC News Desk - 1 (Apr. 14, 2011, from 6min 25sec)
    TKC News Desk - 2 (Apr. 25, 2011, from 3min 52sec)
    News Wave
    The New York Ilbo
    The Korea Times - 1
    The Korea Times - 2
    The Korea Times - 3
    The Korea Daily - 1
    The Korea Daily - 2

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