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Educational, Recreational and Sports Tracks
Our programs are in 3 tracks. They are the Educational, Recreational and Sports tracks. Every member is encouraged to join the desirable programs for social vitality and excellent health conditions.
  • In educational tracks, English class and Computer class are available for continuing education of our elderly members. These programs are open with quality instructors in complete sympathy for the situation of a senior member and dual languages are used in the class session for the convenience of foreign-born members.

    Presently, Korean speaking instructor is in charge of Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday classes, while Chinese instructor of Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Due to the increasing applications, the expansion of class is expected in a near future.

  • For sports activities, a ping-pong table set, rackets, ball and a billiard table set are installed inside our premises. Remote swimming pool is available without cost. We provide a free shuttle bus a week to the swimming center.

    Swimming suits are not provided by us and members are subject to the approval procedure by the swimming center.

  • In recreational tracks, Dancing, Sing Along and Bingo game are open everyday. They are led by appropriate staffs that have the specialty in respective field, while volunteer singing or dancing members are always welcome.

    These activities are performed in living room manners. Members are free to join or separate from a program.

    For the Sing-Along activity, Karaoke facility is ready to use and Internet service is available as well. In Bingo game, which is usually given after lunch, English, Chinese and Korean languages are given in a row to help members to share the spirits of family.

If you have an idea or a request to enhance our program quality, click here to post your opinion.

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