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The Social Necessities
The community as a whole is approaching a care-giving crisis. Families caring for a loved one diagnosed with any form of Dementia or other impairment are known to experience an increase in physical, emotional, and financial stress. 81% of caregivers are women and 30% of these women are the sole caregiver for the impaired/frail family member.
As the population ages there are more persons needing care and fewer persons able to provide it. Families are smaller than they once were and yet it is still the preference of most families to care for their dependent loved one at home. Persons with cognitive impairment often require special and constant care and supervision. Caring for this population places a tremendous stress on the family and the community.
We can assist individuals to remain in the community as long as possible and enable family caregivers to provide care in the home. The program is instrumental in maintaining independence, increasing support systems, and preventing inappropriate institutionalization.
In addition, adults with cognitive and functional disability need meaningful activities, a sense of belonging to a group, and a place in the community. Our program focuses upon the preserved strengths and abilities of the participant rather than their disabilities. The programs participants are regarded with respect, dignity, and given a sense of self worth.

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